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Would you like to know how to casually and easily start conversations with women?

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl in 9 Everyday Situations

Striking up a conversation with girls isn’t difficult…if you know how to do it 🙂
Once you know how it works, it’ll be a snap (and with practice it will eventually become second nature to you), but the hard part is getting there.

Do you feel like you’re walking in the dark when you start a conversation with a girl? Feeling like you don’t have any sense of direction?

Perhaps you second guess yourself asking “How do I do it?” or “What should I say? Where do I start?”.

This article here will be the beacon to help you find your way.
In fact, I want to reveal the path you must take to help you break the ice with girls in different everyday situations.


Let’s get started 😉

The Trick to Striking Up Conversations with Women…

There’s a universal trick to start conversations with women. It works in almost every situation when used skillfully.

Drum roll, please…

And presto:

Draw inspiration from the situation you find yourself in.

Seems like something insignificant? In theory it is, but when you put it into practice it’s far from insignificant.

I can assure you that if you draw the right inspiration from the context of the situation you’re in, you can casually approach a woman with ease…and in many cases you will be able to keep the conversation going.

Let me give you a concrete example.

A couple of days ago I found a nice t-shirt at a department store and was trying it on in the fitting room. I also found a nice pair of pants that I thought would go well with the t-shirt.

The combination, visually speaking, seemed perfect…but once I actually put them on it gave off a sort of a gay vibe (not really my style).

So, I undressed, put my old clothes back on again, left the fitting room with the articles I just tried on and came across a sales girl (a pretty cute one too) that was gathering clothing from people leaving the fitting rooms. I gave her the clothes I just tried on and told her “the combination is perfect, but it’s comes off a bit gay”, she smiled and we started talking.

I didn’t have to think of anything creative or outlandish to say, I just spoke my mind given the situation at hand and the conversation just flowed naturally.

When you guide yourself by the context of the situation you find yourself in, that’s what happens: talking to a girl (or a group of girls) is the natural consequence, by just being present.

I’m completely aware this is a skill that is developed with time and experience, that’s why…I want to make your life easier while you’re getting started with these 9 tips to start a conversation with women in 9 everyday situations 😉

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl in 9 Everyday Situations

Below you’ll find some tips you can use to start talking to girls in different everyday situations, put them to good use 😉

1. Gym

When you’re at the gym, it’s normal to exchange a few words with the people present, especially if you see them more than once.
That’s exactly why a simple “How’s it going?” works wonders.

2. Clothing Store

In a clothing store, the best topic to break the ice with a girl is…yup, you got it, clothing. Simple as that 🙂
Also because women, in general, love the topic.

An extremely simple way to take advantage of the situation is to ask a girl her opinion on something, a simple “Hey, can you give me a female opinion? What do you think of this?”.

3. Swimming Pool

The swimming pool, to some extent, is very similar to the gym, with the difference that it’s harder to see the same person frequently in close proximity (they could be in a farther swimming lane the next time you come across them).

In fact, if you come across a girl swimming in your same swimming lane it only takes a second to use the situation to your advantage by giving a simple “How’s it going?”; the situation is just as casual and immediate if she’s swimming in the lane next you.

4. Bookstore

What do you find in bookstores?
A ton of books. And you can use them to your advantage when approaching a girl.

All you need to do is look for a book close to a girl that’s reading and start a conversation by saying “Hey, it must be an interesting read, you seem really into it, what’s it about?”.
Just one note though, don’t use that line if she’s in the erotic literature section 🙂

5. Waiting in Line

Oh, waiting in line! That wonderful and delightful burden we all have to endure every now and then.

Well, at least there’s a bright side to them: if a cute girl is standing in front of you, you can take advantage of the situation to meet her and exchange a couple of words.

Every type of line you encounter can be handled differently (the line at the post office is different than the one at the supermarket), but you can always strike up a conversation with a simple “Hey, you’ve been waiting before me…is this one of those quick lines or one of those that take forever? :-)”.

6. Supermarket

You’re at the supermarket and you see a girl you’d like to meet.

Piece of cake: look for something close to her, pick up an object and ask her “hey, hope you know about cooking…do you know if this is any good?”.

7. Bus Stop

Talking to a girl at a bus stop is just really too easy.

Just walk up and ask “Hey, do you know if bus so and so already passed?”, obviously substituting “so and so” with the number (or description) of the bus.

8. Library/Study Hall

You’re in the library or study hall and sitting next to you is a beautiful girl you want to meet?

You can break the ice by asking her for a pencil with the excuse you have to write something down: “Hey, would you happen to have a pencil?”. From there you can simply continue the conversation by showing a little of interest in what she is studying.

9. Classroom

There’s a girl in your class that you would like to meet, but you’ve never spoken a word to her.
Approaching her will be extremely easy.

Simply sit next to her, just by doing so you’ll have a million possibilities to strike up a conversation.
Just to give you an example, you could say “Do you think he knows what’s he’s talking about or is he just making stuff up as he goes? :-)” referring to the professor when he’s explaining something complicated.


And there you go, now you’re ready to start conversations with girls that you like, but…


Do you know how to keep the conversation going afterward?

To learn how to create an intriguing conversation take advantage of 7 Steps to Success with Women, it will help you every step of the way…and you’ll get even better at seducing women.

See you soon,

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