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Have you ever made flattering compliments to a girl?

Compliments for Girls? Be Careful On How You Go About Them

Great, now stop while you’re still ahead…there are subtleties that are often overlooked when approaching a girl with a flattering compliment, ones you should know beforehand to prevent putting your foot in your mouth right after opening it.

You need to know that there are compliments for girls that can provoke irreparable damages…and then there are compliments that can actually help you to seduce them.

Before diving in though, there’s a brief intro that you need to adhere to.

2 Crucial Factors When Complimenting a Girl

More often that not a compliment made to a woman isn’t wrong or right, but it does all depend on the context.

I’ll give you an example.

A sexually explicit compliment is completely off putting when you present yourself to a woman, but perfect while you’re in the sack together.
In fact, there are two crucial factors when paying a compliment to a girl that have to be absolutely taken into consideration:

  • Timing
  • Manner

WHEN you pay the compliment and HOW you go about it have an enormous effect on the woman who’s receiving them.
But that’s not all…

The Key Element on Paying Compliments to a Woman

There is a key element that you should NEVER neglect when paying a compliment.

Overlook this element and your compliments will do more harm than you can imagine…and even when the results aren’t completely negative, the result will only be partially favorable.

We’re talking about…

…drum roll please…


No one likes fake compliments: women, men, the elderly, children, dogs or cats.

And you know what? They are easy to spot.
Anyone with some inkling of social intelligence can perceive when a compliment is fake.

This means that women in particular can perceive them with extreme ease, given that they are generally doted with an enhanced capacity for social intuition.

In other words, you should completely eliminate them from your approach, fake compliments of any kind will only halt your progress.

3 Compliments You Should NEVER Make to Women

There are 3 compliments you should never make to women. EVER.

They are compliments that will only wreak havoc.

1. Vulgar Compliments

You know the stereotypical catcalling man that shouts something along the lines of “Hey sexy!” asserting his masculinity over a woman in a public space?

Yeah, it’s a bit of an extreme reference, nonetheless a prime example of a vulgar compliment and manner to avoid altogether.

Not only does it show poor social intelligence on your behalf but it also lets on that your last conquest with a woman took place in the Stone Ages 🙂

2. Predictable Compliments

A good rule of thumb to achieve success in any field is to watch what 90% of people do and do the exact opposite.

The same applies to compliments for girls…

The great majority of men make predictable and banal compliments. And it’s because of this that their results are exactly that…predictable and banal.

If you are talking to a woman that has amazing eyes, you can rest assured that you’re not the first man to have taken notice and paid a compliment about it.

You know what the funny part is?

Almost every man she has encountered has probably used the line, “you have beautiful eyes”.
And to think you only need to change the manner in which you deliver this compliment to stand out just a bit from the rest…but you’ll only see how if you keep reading further below 😉

3. Fake Compliments

Why does a man even bother making a fake compliment to a woman?

Because he naively thinks that that’s quickest way to end up in bed together…too bad it has the exact opposite effect, making it all very ironic if you think about it.

Compliments per se don’t have any intrinsic seductive powers, it’s the message you’re delivering that helps you get the girl or fail miserably.

Fake compliments deliver the message “I’m not good enough for you, so I’ll try to win you over with a compliment”.
It’s obvious that the consequential result can only be catastrophic.

2 Dangerous Compliments for Girls

There are 2 types of compliments for girls that lie on the razor’s edge, but if delivered in the right fashion they can actually help you seduce a woman.

With these two types of compliments, it’s all in your timing, manner and calibration upon delivery.

1. Physical Compliments

A physical compliment has only one objective, seductively speaking: to demonstrate your interest in the woman you’re speaking to.

Why would you want to go down this route?

Because in certain cases it’s important to demonstrate physical attraction.

A perfect example of a well calibrated physical compliment is a direct approach. Showing that you’re interested lets her understand perfectly why you went to speak with her in the first place.

But be careful, precisely because a physical compliment delivers the message of physical attraction you have to know how to give off the exact dose: displaying too much attraction towards a woman will only get you where you don’t want to be… (nowhere).

Take note…the difference between a physical compliment and a banal comment is subtle, but still very important. Avoid making, at all costs, a banal and predictable compliment.

2. Sexual Compliments

A sexual compliment allows you to interact with a woman on a more….let’s say hotter level 🙂

But don’t take them lightly, because delivering a sexual compliment without coming off as vulgar and a total jerk is an art.

We’re obviously talking about an art that pays off handsomely in regards to obtaining real results with women, needless to say it’s definitely worth learning 😉

2 Intelligent Compliments to Make to a Girl

Lastly there are 2 kinds of compliments for girls that are intelligent to make, provided that they are genuine and delivered in the right fashion and appropriate timing.

They are intelligent compliments to use because they will help jump start your seductive process on the right foot, not putting them into use would just be plain silly and counterproductive.

1. Compliments of Character

Giving a compliment of character to a woman shows her that she has interested you as a person and not only as a “piece of meat”.
It proves that you’re not only interested in appearances.

And when delivered correctly, you will show her that you’re a discerning fellow with high standards, a beautiful face doesn’t cut it for you, she needs to have something else aside beauty to interest you.

Furthermore, using this type of compliment makes it easier for her to say something about herself and open herself more to you (conservation wise…what else were you thinking?! :P).

2. Well Deserved Compliments

When a woman does something for you or does something that deserves recognition, it’s important you give her a well deserved compliment.

Like compliments of character, a well deserved compliment demonstrates that you are interested in her person and not only her physical attributes, it makes her understand that you’re a guy that looks beyond the physical aspects (that you’re a man of worth).

But there’s more!

If a girl does something for you and you give her a well deserved compliment, this encourages her to do even more for you.

When she’s done something in her life that merits recognition, she’s more probably than not proud about it. Complimenting her about something she has done resonates deep inside her self worth and sense of pride…and tapping into that will definitely help you positively in your process of seduction.


This is what you should know about complimenting girls…now you’re ready to tackle them 😉

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