What Women Want in a Man: 9 Sexy Male Traits

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What do women want in man? How many times have you asked yourself this question without ever really getting to the bottom of it?

What Women Want in a Man: 9 Sexy Male Traits

Don’t worry, you’re in good hands: it’s one of the most widespread questions among men and surely one of the great mysteries for most of them.

I have some good news for you, today you’ll have some very interesting answers to this age old question.
Answers that will amaze and inspire you.

Ready to be surprised? Let’s get started. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What Women Want in a Man? Is That Really the Right Question?

“What do women want in man?” might seem like an important question to answer…but what if that wasn’t the case?
What if that was the wrong question?

Have you ever noticed? “What do women women want in man?” is a bit like asking “Do men prefer sweet foods or salty foods?”.

You would tell me it depends on the man in question: some of your friends prefer sweets, others go crazy for salty foods.

Well, the same applies to that fateful question: it depends on the woman.
Some women like a certain type of man, others like a completely different type of man.

In view of all this, it’s obvious that “what do women want from a man?” is not a very effective question. It makes a lot more sense to ask yourself “what do the women that I like want in man?”.
A great abyss lies between these two questions.

If you have a good understanding of female psychology the first question can help you understand the female universe in a broader sense…but this doesn’t apply to most men…and without having a good understanding of seduction and psychology, this question will just leave you in doubt.
The second question will help you understand what are the characteristics that your ideal woman looks for in a man.

Therefore it makes more sense to ask yourself the second question (I, on the other hand, have to ask myself both questions because it’s my line of work ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and start thinking about what the women you desire, like in a man.
It’s also the best way to find a girl that will make a better fit for you.

After coming across this important finding, we can take a step forward.

What do Women Want in a Man…More or Less…

Every woman has their specific tastes regarding men, therefore it makes more sense to try and understand the tastes your ideal woman has instead of all women in general…however…


There are certain characteristics in men that are universally more attractive than others. We’re generalizing here, there are certainly women out there that have opposing tastes, but the majority of women will find these characteristics attractive.
You just need to think about confidence: most women like a confident man.

Therefore it makes sense to develop the “universal” male characteristics that attract women because most women find them attractive.
There is only one EXCEPTION: if some of these characteristics are opposite to the specific tastes of your ideal women, it’s counterproductive to develop them.

Therefore always guide yourself by the characteristics that your ideal woman looks for in a man and THEN take into consideration the characteristics presented below.

9 Male Characteristics that Women Like

In reality there are many character traits that are universally attractive, but let’s not get in over our heads here. As the saying goes… It’s not the quantity but the quality that counts.

Oh, and I just happened to include those character traits that can be easily developed, so after gaining this knowledge you have no excuses ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. Leadership

The ladies love a leader.

Take note: we’re not just talking about a leader that comes up in the collective consciousness (a person that commands over a group of people), we’re talking about the broader sense of being a leader.

A leader in a group, a leader for her (one that can guide her), a leader in regards to yourself (one that knows how to direct their own life).

Why is a leader attractive? There are many reasons, to begin it is deeply rooted in the survival of our species since the beginning of mankind, but it also relates to our current lives like, being at the center of attention leads to success in many different situations.

2. Dominance

Dominance is one of the most singular male characteristics because it unleashes the deepest primordial instincts in a woman (in fact, dominance is also a key characteristic to use in bed).

Dominance is also a characteristic that can be easily misunderstood…it can conceal a dark side in men that you definitely want to avoid. Dominance can be used for the purpose of good or it can be used for more insidious motives as an instrument of control and submission, I highly recommend never taking the second route.

Dominance, in its most positive form, makes a woman feel protected.
During the origins of mankind dominant individuals were those that could keep a woman safe (including leaders), and it’s precisely this that is deeply rooted in female attraction towards men that are dominant.

3. Confidence

Women want a confident men, they like it quite a lot. We all know it.

A confident man instills a sense of security and that feeling is one the world will never get enough of. The same obviously applies to women ๐Ÿ™‚

Furthermore, there are also ancestral motives in regards to the attractiveness of a confident man (a man sure of himself had a greater chance of survival in respects to an insecure one).
You can see this today in our current society, men who are most successful are very confident of themselves.

4. Courage

Women also like courage…we all do to some extent! It’s no wonder that there are stories upon stories all throughout literature, recounting the heroic feats of courageous men ๐Ÿ™‚

Courage is attractive because it is a character trait that is rarely displayed nowadays, yet it is very important. It was crucial in the past to ensure one’s survival, and it’s crucial now when you need to confront difficult decisions that can significantly change your life.

Be careful not to confuse courage with the absence of fear, two different ballparks. Courage is taking action in the face of fear.

5. Social Intelligence

Social intelligence is of those characteristics that easily slips under the radar of many, but it’s definitely something women find very attractive.

Social intelligence is one those character traits that allows to you comprehend social dynamics and settings thus allowing you to act accordingly…in a socially intelligent manner ( or at least in an acceptable fashion).

Why is it attractive? Because it demonstrates that you are adept at having and leading a social life (without having developed this type of social intelligence you wouldn’t have been able to do so), it shows you know how to relate to people, that you understand them…and 10,000 years ago you would have had a greater chance of survival and a more favorable standard of living (by now you can grasp that it comes into play with all the characteristics presented here ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

6. Sense of Humor

When you ask women what they want in man they are always two responses that immediately come up: confidence and a good sense of humor.

Women are always saying they want a man that can make them laugh.
Obviously, we all enjoy laughing ๐Ÿ™‚
In fact this is one of the reasons a good sense of humor is attractive: she likes to laugh thus making her feel upbeat.

But it’s not the only reason.
In the past it was also a good way to increase one’s chances for survival (just imagine being likeable to a very important individual).

And a good sense of humor also demonstrates a high level of social intelligence (to make someone laugh you definitely have to be socially intelligent).

7. Notoriety

Have you ever seen women go crazy for a famous singer?
Of course, his talent and work are considerable factors, but so is his fame.

Being famous attracts all sorts of attention.

The reasons…well, they’re a dime a dozen and I bet you already know why ๐Ÿ™‚
But the most relevant factor that comes into play is being the center of attention.

But take note: notoriety doesn’t limit itself to being famous.
Notoriety is also present when a singer displays their talents (even in a small bar), or a speaker delivering a speech at a seminar, or knowing a lot of people at a club.

Notoriety comes down to being recognized by many people in a certain context.

8. Athleticism

Have you ever overheard a girl praising (sometimes even in boldly) a shirtless guy on some magazine cover or on television?

Well, it’s no mystery that men who are physically fit are attractive to women.

The reasons behind this are tied to the Value of Survival and Reproduction Potential in a mate and the constant bombardment and influence the media has over everyone in general.

9. Status

How many times have you heard that women like men with money?

Well, that’s not exactly true.
It’s not the money that is attractive, it’s the status that comes from having money (to make a lot of money, generally some sort of status comes into play).
Point is that money doesn’t attract women (except for gold diggers), status on the other hand does.

You can be dirt poor and still have status!

Status represents your social hierarchy, in other terms when you are influential in a certain context. If you are the boss at work you have status, if you are the PR person at a club you have status, if you are a bartender in a bar you have status, if you’re an artist at a gallery, you got it, you have status.


Now that you know what women want in a man, it just about developing these traits. Want some help with this? Check 7 Steps to Success with Women, it will help developing some of these characteristics.


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