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What to talk about with a girl? What are the best topics of conversation?

What to Talk About With a Girl: 10 Proved Conversation Topics

Topics of conversations to have with women are one of the most widespread doubts among men.
There are many things one can talk about, yet many of them seem inappropriate.

The truth of the matter is that no one explains this stuff at school and whoever isn’t lucky enough to have firsthand experience with women while they’re young, one can finds themselves at a loss for words when talking to a girl.

Luckily for you, thanks to articles like this one you can make up for it 😉

With this article I want to take things further in regards to others articles of the same kind: not only will I tell you which topics of conversation are the best, but I will also explain why they work and how to make them even better.

Before Knowing What to Talk About With a Girl…

First of all I have to make something clear.

No one likes talking to someone that only talks about themselves.
You know why?

Because everyone’s favorite topic of conversation is themselves. Everyone wants to talk about themselves.
Simply because you’re at the center of your universe just as the beautiful girl sitting at the table in front of you is at the center of hers.

Every person also prefers topics of conversations that they particularly identify with and if you put these into play, the person before you will open to you as if by magic.

At this point you might be thinking that best thing to do with a woman is only talk about her. Actually, even it seems like a good idea, it really isn’t.
It’s important to take some things into consideration: if you only talk about her, it seems like you have nothing going on in your life worth talking about, you can come off as having little personality and most of all you won’t be able to relate to her.

In fact the best thing you can do when talking to woman is talk about her and then relate to what she’s saying (or talk about yourself in a way that she can relate to, thus letting her open herself up to you).

And keep in mind that you can always leverage some good questions to ask a girl that will help keep the conversation alive.

That said, let’s dive into the best topics of conversation you can have with women!

10 Proved Topics of Conversations

Some topics are best used in certain moments, while others work best at other given times.
For example, when you first meet you won’t want to talk about both of your ambitions, that’s too deep too soon.

With some women it’s best to avoid some topics of conversation altogether and/or focus on others.
Take for instance a woman who hates her job, you won’t want to touch that subject; if she’s extremely passionate about traveling, that’s definitely something you want to chat her up about.
Another thing to keep in mind: upon initially meeting, topics should remain pretty superficial, as you spend more time together you can tackle more challenging topics.

Oh, take note of how the following topics all have a certain emotional component to them. It’s no coincidence: women place greater emphasis on emotions than men do and that’s why it’s best that you should talk about topics that have a certain positive emotional aspect to them.

1. Hobbies

Make her talk about her hobbies and talk about yours. If she likes dedicating her free time to a certain a hobby, you can be sure she’ll like talking about it too.

She can have different hobbies, but there are certainly some that she prefers more over others, those are the ones you should start out with.

Just as important is talking about a hobby that you both have in common. This creates a certain bond between the two of you, especially after getting past the first few minutes of interacting with each other, needless to say creating this bond is important.

2. Passions

Things she’s passionate about or things you’re passionate about are perfect topics of conversations to have with a girl.
When a person talks about their passion they are taken over with emotion.
And this is extremely important when interacting effectively with someone.

You don’t necessarily need to be passionate about the same things (the important thing is that talking about your passion transmits strong emotions), but if you do have some in common, then by all means start talking about them.

3. Career and Ambitions

As with passionate interests, one’s career and ambitions can create intense topics of conversations that are emotionally charged.
When you talk about these things with a person they imagine their future and generally tend to think about a future full of intense emotions.

The most important thing about employing this topic of conversation is to make her imagine a future that elicits strong emotions associated to her aspirations or you can express how you imagine your own future thus sharing your own emotions in regards to it.

4. Music

Make her talk about the music she likes…if you both share similar musical interests, talk about those.

Music is often a great point of connection. Furthermore we often associate strong emotions to the music we enjoy and bringing this to the table can lead to some very positive results.

Concentrate on the music she likes best and other common points of interest.

5. Movies

Movies are another interest that generate strong feelings and definitely present an interesting opportunity to engage in a great conversation.

Having common experiences on this subject is very important: if both of you have seen a film and liked it, you can relive those emotions by talking about it, but if one of you hasn’t seen the movie or didn’t like it, it’s best to leave it aside.

The positive thing is that mostly everyone has seen a famous flick…the negative thing is that movies women usually dig are different from those that men like.

Try and talk about great movies that you both have seen and liked; if there aren’t any, move to another topic.

6. Food

One thing a lot men overlook is that women in general love food. So talking about food is great.

In addition, food is one of the great pleasures in life. Talking about something that generates physical pleasure is extremely positive.
And the pleasure experienced from food is on par with that which derives from sex…with the difference being that you don’t need to be careful when talking about food.

Lingering in the details and conjuring up the pleasure derived from certain foods you enjoy (or let her do the conjuring) is a great way to get a rather engaging conversation going.

7. Travel

If she likes traveling, this topic is a must do. Make her relive the adventures she’s had around the world and telling her about yours is definitely something worth diving into.
The same applies to places she’s never been and would like to visit: this will make her start dreaming.

Remember to focus on the experiences, sensations and feelings that traveling summon.

8. Relationships and Social Dynamics

Relationships with people in general and social dynamics are a topic women find fascinating (you can tell just by how they love those gossip magazines).

Whether it be talking about the subject in general or relating the topic to other people (even better if you know people in common), talking about social dynamics always works like a charm.

And you don’t even need to dwell on “complicated” things: sometimes all it takes is talking about the couple on the other side of the room.

9. Stories and Experiences

Being that both of you have years and years of stories and experiences under your belt, this will open up a plethora of topics you can share. Obviously not everything is worth divulging (and a lot of things get forgotten), but there will definitely be different things that are worth bringing up.

It’s important you choose your stories wisely: you don’t want to reveal something embarrassing, shoot for something fun or that will fascinate her or reveal something positive about you.

The same applies to having her relive emotions and sensations from stories she tells about herself.

You can even tell her a story about someone else as long as it’s interesting and relevant.

10. Sex

Talking about sex with a woman can be extremely potent if done in the right fashion…but it can definitely be damaging if you go about it in the wrong manner. So be careful how you approach this topic and fine-tune yourself accordingly.

Guess why talking about sex is a great conversation topic!

For starters, like food, sex is one of the great pleasures in life…and conjuring up these pleasures (especially in your presence) can really be worth your while. Furthermore sex is one of most controversial topics and this make it’s all the more fascinating.

The best way to ease into this topic is by speaking in the third person and/or having a good sense of humor about it.


Now that you know what to talk about with a girl…have fun! You already are a step ahead of many many men.

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