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You want to know some things to say to a girl to have her fall into your arms? Maybe some phrases?

Things to Say to a Girl: 9 Phrases to Get Her

I know where you’re coming from…you want that ace up your sleeve that can guarantee success in winning over that girl you like.

No one likes being rejected and having phrases that work gives a bit more confidence against possible flops.

So here you go, I’m going to give you some phrases that can help you win over a girl.


…a very important warning.

WARNING: Read Carefully Before Using

It would be great to have some magical phrases that could get you to win over a girl instantaneously.

But let’s be realistic…

…we live in the real world 🙂

Spells don’t exist.

It’s only fair for you to know the truth. The right words at the right moment can you give a hand in winning over a girl, but they surely won’t be enough used by themselves.

Your attitude, body language, and behavior are way more important than the words you say.
But this doesn’t mean that words don’t count…they indeed do!

Look at it this way: attitude, body language and behavior (along with other factors) are the cake; the words you use are the icing.
And we all know a cake is no cake at all without the icing 😉

This means that you should definitely dedicate some time learning some things to say to a girl to win her over, but keep in mind that there are also other elements you have to look after to have success.

Once you got that down, along with what you’ll discover reading below, you’ll be one step ahead in winning over a girl.

How to Use These Phrases

The following phrases to say to girl should be used adequately.

Some of the phrases will be perfect in certain moments, while others will be completely out of place.
You have to understand when to use them at the right time.

Furthermore, keep in mind that they’re not phrases to recite like some heartless robot 🙂

And lastly, you’re not reading out a judicial law that has to be memorized word for word.
These phrases are more like points you have to get across rather than words chiseled in stone: if you prefer (or if you can’t remember them on the spot), change them, improve them, personalize them and make them yours.

9 Things to Say to a Girl to Get Her

Below you’ll find the phrases divided into categories. This is because things that communicate different things should be used in different moments.

Nice Things to Say to a Girl

These phrases should be used when at least some sort of connection/bond between you and the girl has been established and when the manner in which interact with each other is evident that both do NOT want to be only friends. If these two conditions are missing, you’ll find yourself in the friend zone or end up being her doormat.

The best moment to use them is when you’re both alone and there is some sort of connection happening at the moment.

  • “You’re very cute when you blush”
  • “You’re very sweet when you look at me like that”
  • “You’re extremely cute”

Challenging Things to Say to a Girl

These phrases should be used when the girl in front of you is at least minimally attracted to you. If you use them beforehand the result could be pretty mediocre…she simply won’t give in because she doesn’t like you enough.

On the contrary, once she’s attracted to you, even just a bit, telling her these things will make her more attracted to you and in turn she will try to win your approval.

The tone you should use should be a bit defiant…as if you want her to show you if she’s in your league.

  • You seem smart…let’s see if you can live up to my expectations”
  • “And you think you’re a nice person?”
  • “Don’t tell me you’re one of those girls that…” (you can describe any type of behavior you don’t like in a girl)

Dirty Things to Say to a Girl

These phrases should be used when there’s at least some sort of sexual tension between you and the girl. If you use these phrases on a girl without any sexual tension between the both of you, you’ll risk coming off as someone who’s a bit off…or worse, just plain nuts.

On the other hand, when you say these thinas at the perfect moment, you’ll be increasing the sexual atmosphere between the both of you.

The tone to use is a sexy one…so deep tone of voice, slow delivery of words, intense eye contact and maybe even a sly wiseguy smile.

  • “It’s best I keep what I want to do to you to myself…”
  • “Stop looking at me like that…I also have feelings, I’m not just a piece of meat”
  • “Keep on looking at me like that and I could end up being inappropriate”


Now you have some suggestions to add some spice (or hot pepper!) to your conversations with girls.

Remember, you can reuse/adapt/modify these phrases to use on girls to better fit your personality and the situation you find yourself in…so have fun customizing them.


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