Learn How to Meet and  Seduce Women  by Becoming Naturally Attractive

Even if You're Shy, Ugly or Hate Rejections

  • Have you ever been rejected by the dream girl you’re DYING to be with?
  • Are you stuck with your group of male friends and need to figure out how to meet some girls?
  • Are you having trouble becoming intimate with a girl you’re currently seeing, or even have trouble just keeping a conversation going without hitting a brick wall?

If you answered “yes” to any of those 3 questions, I’m about to transform your life.

But before we do that, let me first quickly introduce myself...​

My Story...

My name is Mauro D’Andrea and I’ve personally approached over 2,000 women.

I want you to know, I do NOT have some “superhuman” ability for this. I have average looks, average income, and average social skills.

In fact, as a teenager I was socially awkward. Whenever I would try to approach women, they’d simply cast me aside.

Or worse... they sent me straight to the dreaded “friend zone”.

Then, to go to university I had to move on a big city (before I was living in a 25.000 people village) where I knew no one. I met a few people, but couldn't really find neither good friends nor girlfriends.

At the end of my first year, after feeling alone and miserable, I decided to change my life.

Over the next several years, I spent countless hours studying seduction techniques. I studied everyone from local Italian websites, to some of the most well-known seduction “guru’s” in the world.

The problem was...

They Didn't Work!

I noticed “some” results, but nothing ever really stuck.

I’d almost given up, but then I got a different idea...

I decided to make myself become a “guinea pig” of sorts.

Since only SOME of the techniques were working for me, I decided to ditch the ones that weren’t working, and use the ones that were.

Eventually I got so good at picking up and seducing women that my friends started noticing and asking me for advice.

At first I was a little reluctant.

I wanted them all for myself! :)

But then I agreed to help.

Within just a few weeks, my friends started picking up girls that were WAY out of their leagues.

That's When I Became "Famous"...

Somehow, word got out.

I still don’t know how, but I became somewhat of a sensation throughout the entire country of Italy for my rare ability not just to seduce women for myself, but to teach OTHERS how to do it as well.

News outlets began calling me, asking to interview me. In fact, I was featured on “Italia 1”, where literally MILLIONS of people watched me demonstrate my seduction skills on TV.

I’ve even been interviewed by the prestigious “GQ” magazine, one of the world’s most popular magazines for men.

Now look, I’m not trying to brag to inflate my own ego.

I’m simply showing you that I have the experience and expertise to show you how to seduce women in a natural and comfortable way.

In fact...

I Know Exactly Why Nothing Has Worked

For You In The Past

  • Trying scripted sentences or pick up lines
  • Thinking things like body language, voice tonality and specific words don’t matter
  • Thinking that working on your own personality is optional
  • Thinking you can ignore social norms and still be successful
  • Trying to move too fast if the girl isn’t ready... or moving too slow because you’re afraid
  • Reading conflicting information and becoming confused as to what actually works
  • Expecting to become a master at attracting women the first time you try it

But You Can Change Your Situation...

Imagine how you'll feel if you know how to approach women and are naturally attractive.

Imagine how you'll feel the next night you go out, knowing that you can bring a beautiful woman back to your house. Imagine how your life'll be, knowing that you can get your next girlfriend just going at work, at the gym or at a class.

Imagine your dream woman. Not only you can go talk to her - without feeling approach anxiety - but you can even start dating her. A few days later you wake up with her lying down in your bed on your side. You start thinking how lucky you are. While you look at her, she opens her eyes and tells you that it was the best sex of her life. Not only you think she is gorgeous, but she also has a great personality - you feel a perfect connection with her. You start thinking that you may spend the rest of your life with her!

I'm going to show you something that will make you achieve this...

Your Step-By-Step Guide

Let me show you 7 Steps to Success with Women an 7-module practical guide, taking you step-by-step through approaching and seducing women. It includes specific examples, exercises and action-plans that take you from beginning to end.

I’ve spent more than 5,000 real-world hours developing the techniques I now use with my students. And if you included the hours they’ve put in, that number would be somewhere near 100,000 hours of real-world application and constant tweaking and improving the systems.

Specifically, this guide was created to help you:

  • Approach and meet more women, naturally and with confidence
  • Become an attractive man whom women can't help but desire
  • Drastically decrease the rejections you take from women
  • Forget the dreaded friendzone
  • Never run out of things to say again
  • Much more...

Who This Works For

I specifically set this program to work for a few very specific types of people. Those people include...

Single men who have previous tried other seduction or pick up websites and didn’t have any success with them. For example, take Damiano who followed a big seduction website without any success...after switiching to us, in just a few month he get a gorgeous girl in bed. Now just take a second to imagine what that would be like if it happened for you. You’d finally be able to get your dream woman!

Men who broke up with their ex, and couldn't get back in the game on his won. For example, take Tom who had a relationship, but after its ending couldn't find another girl; after learning from us, in 5 months he got another girl. Now just take a second to imagine what that would be like if it happened for you. You’d finally be able to get the women you want!

Single men who have never contacted any expert, did everything on their own and didn’t have any success. For example, take Eduard who had difficulties with women and after learning from us got a girl in bed in 8 days only. Now just take a second to imagine what that would be like if it happened for you. You’d finally be able to stop your rejections!

Here's Exactly What You'll Discover Inside

Meet Women

  • ​A 14-day action plan to learn how to approach women with confidence
  • Step-by-step instructions to build a cool social circle full of women, so that you can meet and seduce women even without approaching .
  • A type of approach that starts the interaction with a woman with a great vibe
  • Much more...

Become Attractive

  • ​5 exercises to learn to flirt with women, so that they'll find you attractive as soon as you open your mouth.
  • A very effective exercise that will teach you to start and keep a conversation that will make you attractive...and avoid running out of things to say.
  • One of the most powerful techniques to attract women
  • Much more...

Build a Connection

  • ​The most effective way of building a strong connection with a woman
  • 2 secret techniques to make her chase you
  • An exercise that will make it easier to find your special woman
  • Much more...

Improve Communication

  • ​How to attract women before opening your mouth
  • 3 steps to get a sexy voice to which women won't resist
  • A voice tip to make your conversion more interesting
  • Much more...

Physical Contact

  • ​An exercise that will help you touch women without seeming a pervert
  • A little used trick that will increase your chances of getting laid
  • One way to become a physically dominat man that women won't resist
  • Much more...

Inner Game

  • ​A sure-fire trick to become a confident man
  • The secret to get better faster and feel great
  • An exercise that will skyrocket your self-esteem
  • Much more...


  • ​A great way to feel more alive and a better mood consistently
  • A little known way of living a life you are proud of and attract women like a magnet at the same time
  • An exercise that will make you get more balance in your life so that you'll enjoy it even more
  • Much more...

Value Breakdown

Now if you combine everything we just discussed... that’s a $99 by itself. And honestly it’s worth SO much more than that because you not only decrease your rejections... but you finally get your dream woman!

So let me ask you this...

  • If ALL this did was to help you getting your dream woman...don't you think it would be worth $99?
  • If ALL this did was to make you meet tons of women...don't you think it would be worth $99?
  • If ALL this did was to decrease your rejections...don't you think it would be worth $99?

Honestly I think anybody would say that if you got ANY of those 3, $99 would be an absolute bargain. And I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting a good deal.

In fact, if I were to work with you 1-on-1 showing you exactly how to seduce amazing women in a natural, comfortable way, even if you’re shy, unattractive, and hate suffering through rejection, I would charge $2,999.

In fact, I do!

That’s my normal price for working with 1-on-1 clients.

However since I can give you this product digitally without taking any of my own personal time, I’ve decided to make it affordable enough for ANYBODY who’s frustrated with seducing women to afford.

That’s why, if you order today....

You Can Get It

For As Little As $29 Today

The 7 Steps to Success with Womeni s a serious, practical guide designed to make you meet, attract and seduce way more women than ever before. It quite literally is comprised of thousands of hours of study and tests in the field. The real value of this guide is in the thousands of dollars. However, I’m obviously not going to ask for anywhere near that.

Instead, you’ll be investing just $29 today.

I was originally going to charge $49 for this course. Realistically it’s worth 50x that price. However due to the way my own business model works, I decided to keep the price at a bare minimum so anybody serious about achieving success with women…over the next 6-12 months could get access easily.

Normally $49 - Today Just $29

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you ship this to my house?

Will it work even if I'm ugly, fat, short, bald, broke, etc?

Will I feel unnatural or fake by using your method?

How time will it take to see results?