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Want to know how to pick up girls at a club?

How to Pick Up Girls at a Club, Shamelessly

Everyone goes clubbing to hit on girls…and when you’re in a club that’s exactly what you see, guys hitting on girls…and some are quite successful!
Yet you still ask yourself how they do it, there’s something they’re doing that you’re missing.

If you want to know how to successfully hit on girls in a club setting, you’ll love this article: I’ll explain what you need to know 😉

How to Pick Up Girls at a Club…Shamelessly

To pick up a girl at a club you have to be brazen about it. Actually, it’s important you have no shame in your game in any situation, but at the club it’s all the more important.

There are thousands of guys that go clubbing and approach girls without a tiny bit of courage. You want to avoid acting this way, at all costs.

A high energy setting calls for you to be more sure of yourself. And a nightclub is, after all, one of the most high energy settings you can find yourself in.

In a high energy setting it’s easy to ignore an approach that doesn’t garner attention: she’s already having fun with her friends and you bet she must have a better reason to leave that behind.

That’s why it’s crucial that you jump out of your shell and show that you’re really sure of yourself. That’s why shameless or even arrogant approaches work like a charm in clubs.
Fortunately, getting into this frame of mind is easier than you think…challenge yourself, see how far you can push yourself, try to understand how far you can go to get some positive results. This curiosity and challenging spirit will help you give it your best shot.

Oh, we obviously have to make a distinction here: hitting on a girl on the dance floor and off the dance floor are two very different ballparks; the level of energy is different, the logistical situation is just as different.

How to Hit on a Girl on the Dance Floor

On the dance floor, things are noticeably different than the “spoken approaches” of which yo have read on this site or other ones.
Everything is based on your body language when you’re on the dance floor (for the most part…depending on your style).

Here are some ways you can approach a girl on the dance floor:

  • Give her a high five, twirl her around and start dancing with her
  • Make eye contact and start dancing separately then bring her in closer
  • Take her by the hand and invite her to dance
  • Approach her saying something brief then start dancing with her

Some are better than others in different situations.
Say a girl is looking at you (a female sign of interest), the best thing to do is smile and extend your hand to invite her to dance.

Once your dancing, you can decide whether or not to kiss her on the dance floor or take her outside to do the deed; in any case, you’ll need to get her off the dance floor sooner or later, be it to get her number or take her to bed that very same night – which means you can’t neglect the conversation…so be ready and know what to talk about with her.

How to Pick Up a Girl off the Dance Floor

Off the dance floor, you have an ample selection of approaches you can use, especially if the music isn’t too loud. You can practically approach a girl in any manner, but the approaches that will work best are those in which you demonstrate that you’re sure of yourself while carrying them out.

After you’ve approached her and generated attraction, you have the possibility to move things faster: with the brief interpersonal distances involved (due to the music and crowding of the setting) and the opportunity to take her towards the dance floor you can create a progression of physical contact that can escalate quickly.

It’s up to you if you just want her number or end up in bed together the very same night (and no one is prohibiting you from doing either or both for that matter).

The Rules of Seduction in a Night Club

You’ve probably noticed that what I’ve described in the paragraphs above seem really easy and quick, especially in regards to the “normal” seduction process where you approach a girl and try to get to know her better taking things slowly. As a matter of fact, I would say if you don’t move things quickly in a club setting you’ll risk losing the girl altogether.

Obviously, always proceed after proper considerations.

Above all, the “rules” of seduction in general, can also be applied here, even though they may have to re-adapted.
Which is to say that you’ll spend some time with girls trying to create a certain bond between the both of you, while with other girls you’ll quickly find yourself getting down to business. It depends on the situation. And your chances of succeeding depend on your ability to adapt yourself.

Ah, in case you were wondering: don’t use alcohol to get girls drunk…it won’t make things easier/faster and it’s quite dishonorable.

An important consideration on telephone numbers: telephone numbers that you get in a club, unless you’ve kissed the girl, are pretty inconsistent.

Which is to say that if you don’t take the first move by kissing and getting her number, the probability you’ll see her again are pretty slim.


Now that you know how to pick up girls at a club, it’s all about putting this knowledge into pratice. Remember that in this setting, quick, fun and bold seduction style works best.

And if you want some help to become more confident and attractive to women – so that you can better pick up girls at a club – this is perfect for you, give it a try.


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