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Want to know how to make a move on a girl?

How to Make a Move on a Girl: the Foolproof Way

I’m sure you’ve come across plenty of occasions where a girl has been presented to you. Or maybe you met one in class. Or perhaps you approached her.

Point of the matter is that you’ve let these occasions slip by because you didn’t know how to hit on women.
And if you don’t start changing your ways you’ll risk future opportunities with girls that you will eventually meet.

Luckily for you, I’ve decided to write this article to give you a hand and explain how to make a move on girls in 3 situations that you most probably will come across 😉

How to Make a Move on Girls that are Presented to You

Classic situation: your friends present you to a woman that you like and you don’t know how to hit on her.
You see her pretty often because she’s friends with your friends…and every time you see her you ask yourself a thousand questions: “Should I ask her for her number? Should I ask her to go out? Should I tell her that I like her?”

The situation is pretty delicate at this point…if you don’t hit on her you’ll end up in the friend zone, if you make a move on her and get rejected you’ll come off as someone that can’t get a girl.

Well, here’s the puzzle piece that’s missing.

Before hitting on her, you have to understand if she likes you: you have to know what are the female signs of interest she is giving and know how to read her body language to act accordingly.
As long as she doesn’t like you, hitting on her is pointless, in fact, it amounts to committing suicide worthy of a kamikaze.

What do you do if she doesn’t like you?

Keep on having fun with your friends and being yourself, without giving her much importance. If you’re the least bit attractive, after a while she’ll take notice (if you’re not attractive and you want to become it, take a look at this guide).
Eventually she’ll start liking you little by little. But be careful: it’s still too early to know if she likes you or not.

Keep on acting like you always have, and when you gradually notice she’s giving you more attention, start interacting more with her, a bit at a time. Start flirting with her, casually and intermittently.

If you see that her interest in you increases, then you’ll know it’s time to start interacting with her for longer periods of time and flirt a bit more heavily with her.

Sooner or later you’ll notice that she’ll start finding ways to interact with you more often or perhaps even invite you to do so in one way or another.
Once you’re at this point, you can proceed trying to make a move on her, always just a bit at a time.

Then you can eventually ask her out if she hasn’t done so already…and you can try kissing her if the right moment presents itself.

How to Make a Move on a Girl You’ve Met in Class

You meet a girl at college or at a yoga class…or any other class for that matter. Point is you don’t know how to act with her, you don’t know how to hit on her.

This situation is very similar to the previous one, there are just some differences.

As before, first you have to try to understand if the girl likes you or not.

The difference from the previous situation is that you can only see this girl during the time your in class together, therefore you’re possibilities of interacting with her are relatively limited, as is the possibility of making her notice you during class.

What you want to do is transfer the situation to an external context.
That is to say go out with her.
But going out with her before she’s attracted to you isn’t really a potentially fruitful plan…

That’s why you should involve a group of people from the same class and begin going together. And, obviously, in this group is the girl you’re interested in.
You’ll have a million of excuses at hand: a group outing to eat or drink somewhere, studying for an exam (if you’re at college), a specific event on or off campus, etc…

Among other things, by doing so you’ll come off as smart and clever and this will help you in getting her to like you.
The rest depends on interacting as much as you can in this new social group out of the classroom setting.

At this point, all you need to do is follow what I described in the first situation and once she’s attracted to you you’ll have a clean path to go ahead and hit on her.

How to Make a Move on a Girl You’ve Approached

You’re out with your friends and you happen to meet a girl because you or one of your friends approached her. And you like her.
And you’ll be asking yourself the same question: “How should I make a move on this girl?”

In this case, if you live in small town you’ll have more chances to see her again, so just follow the previous cases, but a bit more aggressively (In other words, win her over little by little).
If instead you live in a larger city you only have one chance, so you’re going to have to lay it all on the line.

Interact with her to the best of your abilities and as long as you can. Use the techniques of seduction as best you can, flirt with her, be bolder, try to separate her from the group dynamic, create a certain bond between the both of you, ask her for her number and eventually kiss her or even take her home the same very night.

In other words, try hitting on this girl as aggressively as you can.
Because this is the only shot you’ll have, you’ll want to make it count as much as possible.


Now that you have a clear roadmap, have fun and start making a move on girls you like 😉

And for some extra help, check out our other blog posts.


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