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Have you ever asked yourself how to impress a woman?

How to Impress a Woman in 4 Simple Steps

Perhaps you haven’t the faintest idea where to start or what to do. It could even seem like something really difficult…

Fortunately it’s a lot easier than you think.
That’s why I’ve decided to outline 4 simple steps that will help you to impress girls.

How to Impress a Woman in 4 Simple Steps

If you follow these steps you’ll be to able to impress many of the women you like without even having to talk to her…and that’s not all! You’ll also grab the attention of other girls too.

1. Curate Your Subcommunication

Subcommunication is what you communicate with your body language and your voice, not the words you speak, but its tone and strength.
Subcommunication is a crucial element in seduction and by skillfully curating it you could go from being considered unattractive to being sexy.

The best thing about subcommunication is that it also works from a distance: you don’t necessarily have to directly interact with a person for it to be noticed; at heart, all that is necessary to notice your subcommunication is your presence and your voice.

In particular, body language represents the most substantial and important part of your subcommunication.
Having the right body language will get you noticed from afar, even in situations where ambient noise is loud like loud music at a club or bar.

Curating your subcommunication takes a long period of time, but once you’ve sorted it out you’ve already done most of the groundwork. And fortunately, the basics of subcommunication are rather easy to implement, it all boils down to doing one simple thing over a long period of time.

What you need to is actually very simple:

  • Have good posture
  • Open up your body language
  • Improve the way you walk
  • Play with the tone of your voice

Singularly work on each of these aspects, by mastering one at a time.
You’ll see how easily you’ll be impressing girls once you have 😉

2. Develop Your Signature Look

Another thing that will help you impress a woman in no time is your look.
Just like subcommunication, your overall look and appearance are what people notice instantly.

Your look gives an idea of who you are. That’s why you have to give it some thought.
You might think it’s superficial, but let’s face it: that’s just the way it is, you can play by the rules and reap the benefits or you can shrug it off and face the consequences (but please don’t complain afterward).

There are many things in life that don’t seem fair…but they exist; complaining about these things won’t put you in a better situation, accepting them and behaving accordingly will.

There are three things to absolutely avoid when it comes to your look:

  • Dressing badly
  • Having a bland appearance
  • Appearing unkempt

By dressing badly I mean matching clothes improperly (like wearing 3436 colors at one time or putting on sneakers while you’re wearing a suit and tie) and wearing clothes that are inappropriate in specific situations; doing so implies you have poor social intelligence, therefore making you appear unattractive.

A bland appearance consists of wearing nothing that stands out at all. A t-shirt/shirt/jacket that does not make you stand out in any way, pants that are too simple and boring and absolutely no accessories.
In short, an insignificant look will get you insignificant results with a girl.

When I mention “appearing unkempt” I’m not talking about that scruffy look that is actually hard to pull off well, I mean looking shabby overall: wearing dirty or worn out clothes, with a poorly groomed beard and clothing combinations that have no rhyme or reason.
I’m not talking about looking like a fashion model, but putting a bit of effort into your look is important and does go a long way.

Once you understand those three things to stay away from, use the following tips to impress a woman with your signature look:

  • Use accessories
  • Express yourself in the choice of clothing you wear
  • Wear articles of clothing and accessories that require a bit of boldness
  • Apply some actual thought and logic to what your wearing
  • Wear at least one thing that will make your look stand out

Explaining everything regarding how to improve and develop your own signature look would require a lengthy guide, but keep in mind there are lots of great sites that cater exactly to improving your look and style, so give them a shot.

3. Focus on Your Friends

Your friends speak volumes about the person you are. We tend to frequent people that are like us, so our friends are a bit of reflection of who we are.

This, aside from being a great motive to carefully choose your friends, it’s also important to understand how to impress a girl.

One tends to have high standards regarding the people they consider friends.
You actually are the product of the 5 people you frequent most often.
That’s why hanging out with the wrong crowd can lead you to live a life you don’t want (now you know why your parents were always worried about who you were hanging out with when you were younger!).
Having friends that have their act together will not only help you get your act together, but will also make you have more fun.

And this is what you want: having fun with your friends will get you noticed by girls. People (and therefore also women) are attracted to others that give off good emotions: good emotions are contagious!

That’s why having fun with your friends, and perhaps even being the life of the party, will help you to impress girls rather easily; they won’t help but notice you and will want to join in on the fun.

And, as I mentioned earlier, your friends pretty much reflect who you are and women subconsciously know this.
That’s why if you frequent people that have their acts together, women will notice and tend to think you also have your stuff together.

4. Take Advantage of Preselection

Preselection, is perhaps the most powerful tool when trying to attract a a woman, and that’s why you have to make sure to use it to your advantage.
Being preselcted simply means that women like you.
To impress a woman, you want her to see that you are one of the preselected.

The best thing about preselection is that you can take advantage of it without having women chase after you. To take advantage of it you just have to interact with women in general.

Whether a girl is blatantly hitting on you, showing her affection to you as a friend or simply having fun while talking to you is all it takes: from another woman’s point of view looking in you are deemed preselected.

That’s why you need to interact as much as possible with other women to get noticed and be able to impress a girl.

But be careful to not overdo it: you don’t want to let on that you’re doing it on purpose.
It’s easy to notice someone acting this way for the attention…if this happens you’ll achieve exactly the opposite, instead of impressing a woman you’ll come off as insecure and unattractive.
Just simply have fun while interacting with women in general, and you’ll be deemed as preselected without risking coming off as someone who is trying too hard.


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