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You want to know how to get a girlfriend?

Well, today I am going to tell you how to succeed, in an innovative way 😉

How to Get a Girlfriend, Backed by Science

But this time, I am not going to explain you what I have learned from my experience…instead I decided to let science speaks.

I have collected a series of scientific researches about man-woman relationships and I have best organised them so that they can be useful in helping you to approach and get a girlfriend.

Don’t panic! There is nothing boring in it. I am not going to torture you with numbers and diagrams 😛

Indeed, we have conceived a visual and, let me tell you, much entertaining instrument 🙂

Here you go, how to get a girlfriend (according to science).

How to get a girl – Backed by Science

How to get a girlfriend - backed by science

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And now, let’s go further…

Meet her while she is doing sport, or at the Gym

Many scientific researches have proven that if a girl has an elevated heart rate when you meet her, it will be easier that she will feel attracted to you.

And this is not limited to physical activity, but it applies whenever her heart rate is elevated (which is also an effect generated by fear).

Now, I am not saying that you should go around scaring girls…you should be aware indeed that there are also these men dressed in blue, called Police, that would not appreciate that and probably will speak with you if you exaggerate 🙂

But it means that you can take advantage of many situations:

  • If you meet a girl whenever she is doing any intense physical activity (sport, gym, dancing, etc) she will immediately be more attracted to you.
  • If a classmate has a test and she is not too much stressed or concentrated to talk with you, having a conversation with her is a good idea.
  • If a colleague has an important meeting (or she is expected to deliver a work or give a presentation or doing anything that could cause her an elevated heart rate), maybe you could take the chance to go and talk to her for a couple of minutes right before those moments.
  • If you want to take a girl to the cinema, choose a horror story or an action movie (if she loves at least one of the two genres).

The fact is, don’t forget that an elevated heart rate is your friend 🙂

Meet her…while you are practicing your hobby

Do you know that story about the attraction of opposites?

Total nonsense!

In rare occasions this might reveal itself to be true…but it always consists in a light attraction, which ends up with a one night stand or a temporary friends with benefits relationship.

The truth is that you are far more attracted to a person who is similar to you (and it is not only me telling you that…this is how it works, it’s science ;))

That’s why you should hang out at places where you can meet girls who have your same hobbies/interests/taste.

I.e. if you love arts, attend exhibitions. And try to socialize. It will be much easier for you to do so with the girls you will meet there than with any girl you would bump into walking in the street or at the disco.

You love a particular musician? Go to his concerts. I am not a concerts expert, but a friend of mine who is keen on music, keeps telling me that he always manages to pick up girls when he goes to concerts…think about it.

The fact is, connect what you do like to women and everything will be much easier for you.

Meet her…while you are walking your dog

If you have a dog and you don’t walk it in places where you can find women you are missing precious chances 🙂

For a start, if you have a nice dog, you will be approached by women very often. If you suffer from approach anxiety, in addiction to listening to our tips, this is the best thing you can do.

Moreover…if you walk your dog in the right places, sometimes your dog will do the work for you (if you simply meet a girl who is walking her dog of the opposite sex, your “stallion” will in most cases approach it).

And apart from this…to start a conversation when you are walking your dog is much easier…


Scientific researches have proven that if you ask a girl her phone number while you are walking your dog, you have three times more chances to get her telephone number than usual. You love easy wins?

To attract her: dress in red

Of course, I am not saying that you always need to dress in red…but if you have one or two red garments in your wardrobe it’s not bad at all.

And if you think about it for a while, men too easily notice a red dress or a red detail worn by a woman (maybe we were bulls in a previous life???)

How many times your attention was captured by a woman dressed in red? Or wearing red high heels? And don’t you go crazy when she has red lips?

You see? Women already knew it 🙂

Why red makes us more attractive?

It can be for sexual reasons (red recalls sexual stimulation) or cultural reasons (sovereigns in the past wore red garments…and red makes you think about a person of royal blood) or maybe both.

To attract her: keep your gaze on her eyes

Before I teach you this, let me tell you a secret: this tip helped me getting my first girlfriend 😉

We don’t want to get crazy looking at numbers, so you can just focus on this: the longer you are able to sustain a woman’s gaze, the more chances you have that she will like you.

The matter about sustaining a woman’s gaze is that she must look at you! There’s no way out of this, isn’t it? 🙂

And so, if you have problems in sustaining for a long time a woman’s gaze…well, you must train!

Gaze is one of the most important element in seduction. If you can’t sustain long enough a women’s gaze, you won’t be able to kiss her.

To attract her: let her work hard for you

Have you already had the experience of being extremely accomodating with a woman, straight away?

According to many researches this is not the best move you can do…

The best thing you can do is to be a challenge for her. It means not that you must act like a real bad ass, but that you can make her work hard to gain your consideration.

In other words, this is what I call “investment”, and I explain it in my products and to my clients. The fact is, let her invest on you.

Make her yours: meet her again

It doesn’t happen very often that a man manages to sleep with a woman as soon as he meets her for the first time…and to make this happen often enough you need a lot of experience and great ability.

And beside this, if you want to get a girlfriend, to have sex with her straight away on your first encounter is not the best idea. It is much better if you can see her on and on.

Fortunately, dating a girl for a certain period of time can make everything easier.

The more you spend time with a girl the more attracted to her you will feel…and for her it will be the same.
This explains why so many couples are born in the workplace, at the university or at school.

But be careful: friendzone is in ambush!

Let me explain you this…if she likes you just a little bit, the more you hang out with a woman the more attracted to you she will be; but if you act like you are her friend, the more you hang out with her, the more your friendship will tighten up.


Now that you know what science teaches about how getting a girl, you want to practice what you have learned and reap the benefits.

But you may look for another little help…in this case, have a look at our best resource, you will be satisfied 😉


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