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Want to know how to get a girl in bed?

How to Get a Girl in Bed Fast

You’re probably already thinking that you’ll need to start going on several dates, spend lots of money and time with a girl before getting her into bed.

And what if these things weren’t really important?
What if there’s no need to pursue and court her?
What if there’s no need to indulge her with expensive gifts and lavish dinners?

After all, what results have you obtained going down this route?
If you’re reading this article it’s very likely those results weren’t what you wanted. And to continue doing something that doesn’t work means continuing to get the same results you don’t want (as in NOT getting a girl into bed).

And I’ll tell you something else.
Not only will the things I’ve mentioned not help you get a girl into bed, but they’ll actually prevent it from happening!

If you want to end up in bed with a woman you’re going to have to do something entirely different!

What is Preventing You From Getting a Woman into Bed (in a decent amount of time)

Courting her will prevent it from happening.
Courting a girl means you’re coming off more like the serious type instead of a passionate sexual adventure (without taking into consideration that the way most men court women today is seen as simply begging for their attention).

Going on several dates will prevent it from happening.
For the same reasons listed above: going on several dates will make you look like the type of guy that wants a serious relationship and not only some fun in the bedroom (without considering that if you take too long it might never even happen).

Spending money on her will prevent it from happening.
Spending money on her, at best, will make you come off as man that can give her some sort of stability (read having a stable relationship); at worst, you’ll come off as her personal credit card to use when she pleases.

Waiting too long will prevent it from happening.
Again, if you wait too long she’ll pin you as a potential candidate for a long term relationship.

Now, if coming off as a man that is interested in a serious and long term relationship doesn’t seem that bad a tactic to use to end up in bed, we’re going to have to make some important considerations.
First of all, by adopting this tactic, the serious and long term relationship that will be established will most probably be unsatisfying: more likely than not she’ll walk all over you, the sex will be sporadic and not very good at that, and as a result the chances she’ll cheat on you will be pretty high.

And if you only want to have sex with her, this is the longest and most inefficient path that you can take.
Furthermore, the other path that I’m about to explain doesn’t exclude the possibility of having a serious relationship, in turn making it the best choice you can ever make.

What is Important to End Up in Bed with a Woman

To end up in bed with a woman you have to demonstrate that you’re great sexual material.
Or in other terms, you have to make her understand that going to bed with you will be an experience she can’t let slip past her fingers.

This gives you the possibility to quickly get a girl in bed, be it that you just want some good sex with no strings attached, or be it that you want something more serious later on; this path also allows you to create a fuck buddy relationship and if you so desire it can also lead to a more serious HEALTHY relationship down the line.

But how do you demonstrate that you’re great sexual material?

Here’s the great secret revealed…

How to Get a Girl in Bed Fast

To demonstrate that you’re the type of man that she can sexually succumb herself to, and therefore quickly ending up in bed together, there are a series of things that you have to consider that are very important.


First of all you have to emotionally excite her.
How can you represent fun under the sheets when you come off as boring in your everyday life?
Both of them don’t go hand in hand.

Hence you have to peak her interest, make her feel different emotions.
Most of all, it’s crucial that you excite her.


As we saw above, waiting too long is an obstacle…and how exactly does rushing things help?…well, it just simply does: quickly moving things along will help you end up in bed with a woman quicker, plain and simple.

When a woman is experiencing a vortex of emotions and especially when she’s excited, quickly move things along or those emotions (and her excitement) will disappear.

Furthermore, moving things along quickly will make her understand that:

  • That you’re used to having success with women ( and therefore you are one of the few preselected)
  • You just want to have some fun (and you don’t intend to wait ages to have some)

Talk About Sex

A man that represents a passionate sexual adventure is used to having sex, therefore having sex is the norm for him.
Accordingly, he has no problem talking about sex.

That’s why talking about sex is important: you’ll show her you’re the ideal man for a sexual adventure.

And you can talk about sex in many ways: you can joke about it, you can ask her questions, you can share your experiences, etc…


A woman might feel she’s acting like a loose woman if she goes to bed with you quickly, that’s why you have the very crucial task to reassure her that:

  • everything is going to be fine
  • you won’t judge her
  • you won’t tell anyone

In short, a woman wants to know she can trust you, before having sex with you. If you can’t give her the assurance she needs, you should give up on the idea of taking her to bed.


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