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Do you really know how to flirt with a girl?

How to Flirt With a Girl: the Top 4 Ways

Today I want to introduce you to the four most powerful ways to flirt with a girl…which will make your game take a step up.

Why Flirting is a Very Useful to Seduce a Girl

To flirt means to tease, to needle, to arouse each other.

Through flirting we create a complicity wich is fundamental for establishing a sensual connection.

Flirting is what allows you to create attraction in a woman. There are many ways to flirt with a girl and behind any of them different dynamics, but the basic principle is always the same.

Flirting is a perfectly natural practice and you will see that once you have understand what it is it will be for you a very spontaneous attitude.

How to Flirt with a Girl

Below you’ll find 4 great ways of flirting, with an explaination to the point together with some examples.

The example sentences are to be pronounced in a nice/ winking/ playful tone, this is very important: the tone is more important than the sentence itself (even better if you use your body language too). If you don’t use a suitable tone you could sound weird, annoying or irritating.

1. Push and Pull

Push and pull is the most effective way in flirting with a girl.

It consists in saying/ doing something pleasant and then saying/ doing something which should be unpleasant, or vice versa.

Here are some examples:

You: “You know, you sound interesting…I must be drunk!”

You: “You are funny…too bad then that you are touchy”

You give her a little push on the shoulder and then you put you arm around her shoulders.

2. Misunderstandings

You misinterpret something that she does or says, pretending that she is trying to seduce you.

Here are some examples:

She: “Buy me a drink!”
You: “You want to buy me a drink? Thank you, it’s really nice of you”

She looks into your eyes.
You: ”Well, darling, let us be clear: I am not just a body, i have feelings, stop looking at me in this way!”

She: ”You are funny”
You: ”Come on, you can do better than this, you must be more confident in trying to seduce me: for example you could buy me a drink or do a streaptease”

3. Role Playing Games

This is for sure the most versatile instrument you can have, with role playing games in seduction you can do almost anything you want if you know how to introduce it.

With this kind of flirting, roles are established between the two of you.
It can be any thing.

But the most useful are those where an emotional connection is understood between the two of you, for example as between wife and husband.

Here are some examples:

You: “You are adorable, let’s get married!”, and that’s where you start playing the couple.

You: “You should cover your neck, there could be some vampires around here”, then you could bite her neck.

You: “Look, this is not working, I want a divorce!”, then you could marry her again, remember when you were married, etc…

4. Teasing

It must have happened to you many times to tease a friend in a funny way… this is exactly what i mean.

Here are some examples:

After she showed some interest.
You: “What a pity that I don’t like sexy women…” after you told you find her sexy a few minutes before.

You read her palm
You: ”That’s interesting…”
She: ”What?”
You: ”It says you are dumb”

You: “I must find a good doctor that can take care of you…”


Now you know how to flirt with a girl…and as you can see, all methods are very spontaneous, simple and funny…and they can really drive her crazy! Make the best use of them 😉

…and have fun!

If you want to dive deeper into these ways of flirting and learn them really well, I encourage you to take our practical guide 7 Steps to Success with Women in which we teach you how to flirt with a girl with exercises that will make you better and better at flirting.

See you soon.


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