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Have you ever asked yourself what are good questions to ask a girl when it comes to seduce her?

5 Good Questions to Ask a Girl to Seduce Her

Topics of conversations you can have with a girl are a dime a dozen, even more so when it comes to the questions you can ask her…

Nevertheless, there are better questions than others.
There are low quality questions and high quality questions.
There are interesting ones and just plain old boring ones.
There are questions that will get in the way of getting a girl and there are questions that will actually help you to seduce her.

That’s why I’ve decided to give some tips, suggesting some provocative questions you can ask a girl that will help you to seduce her.

5 Good Questions to Ask a Girl to Seduce Her

Below you’ll find questions that will elicit a certain reaction in the girl you’re trying to seduce. Some of these questions will stimulate subtle reactions, other will set off a remarkable reaction and are potentially dangerous if asked in the wrong way or at the the wrong time, or to the wrong girl for that matter.

3 Traits That Make You Unique?

It might seem like a harmless, simple question, in reality it will get her thinking, a lot. It’s something no one has ever bothered asking her and it’s probably something that she hasn’t given too much thought to.

Think about it: if you’re talking to someone you like and don’t really know yet and they ask you what makes you unique, what reaction would you have?

You would be taken aback.

And it would get you thinking…definitely quite a bit! After all, you wouldn’t want to give a bad impression about yourself.

We’re obviously talking about a question that should be asked after due consideration.
For starters, you can’t ask her that after 30 seconds into the conversation: it’s a question that you can use on the girl you’re talking to after you get some basic information first.

Timing and situation is key here. If you’re just making small chat and having a good time, it’s obviously not the right moment for such a challenging question.
Instead, you can use it when you’re talking about yourselves and sharing information about each other.

What’s Your Story?

A very uncommon and stimulating question to ask a girl you like. You can be sure that it will set off an interesting reaction from her.

Like the prior question, you’ll most certainly floor her right after you ask it.
And she’ll probably come back with a question of her own, “What do you mean?”.
This is because it’s an open ended question, open to so many answers that she’ll probably won’t know where to begin…and that’s why she wants some feedback from you (reason for which she’ll ask you what do you mean).

The motive for this question is to make her talk about herself, in an open way. And from what she reveals you’ll know what type of person you have before you.
If she asks you what do you mean, answer back with “Tell me about yourself”.

Remember, it’s a binding question and it’s important that you have interacted with each other a bit to get her to answer such a question. Like the previous question, this a question to use on a girl in later stages of interaction, not in the first few minutes when you’re getting to know each other.

Why Should I Get Your Number?

WARNING: this a loaded question that can get you into trouble, so be sure to use it at the right time (I’ll explain how to do so in the next few sentences).

This question is extremely powerful and you can be sure that it’s one of the most provocative questions you can ask her.

The majority of women have never been asked this question before, it’s definitely something she won’t see coming…and it’ll really put her in a tight situation.

But you have to keep in mind a couple of things before using this question on a woman.

To begin with, it’s a question you can make only after you’ve had a positive initial interaction with a woman, in other words towards the end of the exchange (or at least in more advanced stages of interaction): definitely not to be used at the beginning.

It’s a type of question that you would use on beautiful women that you’ve met in a swanky bar or nightclub (where they’re dressed to impress). The sharp nature of the question will make her teeter a bit off her high horse and will break through her shield of good looks, getting to who she really is.

How Good Are You at Kissing on a Scale from 0 to 10?

This question is pretty provocative and flirty and could give you some sweet results.

For starters it’ll make her think about kissing, therefore giving a sensual push to the interaction taking place, something I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

If asked in the right manner and at the right time, you’ll entice her to show you what specific skills she has to grab your attention.

Furthermore, if used appropriately, this is a question that can easily lead to kissing the woman you’re interacting with. After asking this question and hearing her response, it’s really easy to use this simple comeback, “I don’t believe you, I gotta see for myself” and kiss her.

It’s a type of question you can use after some sort of chemistry has been established and possibly when there’s some sort of palpable sexual tension between the two of you.

If you’re staring into each others eyes or she’s looking at your lips, that will be a good moment to jump in and use this question.

The Weirdest Place You’ve Ever Had Sex?

This is a thought provoking question, but it’s relatively safe. It’s a question that often comes up amongst friends, given that it’s one of the most instinctive questions to make when talking about sex (and you know when you’re with a group of friends you always end up talking about sex!).

Asking her this question will make her think about her sexual experience (she’ll surely enjoy it, if not for anything other than the sense of adventure and novelty she wasn’t expecting) and it just so happens you’re right there in front of her…this means that she’s going to start associating sexual thoughts to you.

Like the previous question, some sort of chemistry has to exist between the two of you and a bit of sexual tension too.
Ideally, you would want to use this question when you’re talking about sex.
And if you’ve already kissed her before asking even better, if not, don’t worry you can still use it without a hitch.

Fine-tune the Questions to Ask a Girl

As I’ve already explained, the questions above can only be used in certain situations, in other instances they can be damaging.

This is because they’re delicate questions and it’s wise to have tact and know how to fine-tune them when appropriate.

Keep in mind that you don’t only need to fine-tune them in regards to what stage of interaction you find yourself in, but also in regards to the girl you’re interacting with. There are girls that are comfortable in receiving provocative questions and others that might feel uneasy or bothered.
It’s up to you to use your social intelligence to understand when to use these questions or not.

You can come across a girl that might not have a good reaction to one of these questions, don’t sweat it.
Stay calm and collected, take a small step back and continue interacting with her as if nothing ever happened (obviously overlooking the question).


Now that you know some very good questions to ask a girl you like, go and have fun. And if you want some help in seducing girls, go check this out, it will give you an unfair advantage.


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