My name is Mauro D’Andrea and years ago I sucked with women. I was constantly trapped in the friendzone, whenever I would try to approach women, they’d simply cast me aside and couldn’t get a girl.

At the time I discovered the seduction world and spent countless hours studying seduction techniques. I studied everyone from local Italian websites (I’m Italian), to some of the most well-known seduction “guru’s” in the world.

The problem was…

they didn’t work!

I’d almost given up, but then I got a different idea: I decided to make myself become a “guinea pig” of sorts.

In the end I got so good at picking up and seducing women that my friends started noticing and asking me for advice. Soon I started teaching to clients and then…I became famous! Major italian news outlets began calling me, asking to interview me.

In fact, I was featured on “Italia 1” (one of the most popular tv channels), where literally MILLIONS of people watched me demonstrate my seduction skills on TV.

As seen on TV

I’ve even been interviewed by the prestigious “GQ” magazine, one of the world’s most popular magazines for men.

As seen on GQ - highlight

Other authorities in the seduction world expressed a positive opinion about me and my method.

“Mauro is brilliant, really brilliant.”

–  PUATraining Italy



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